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Art 4 Wildlife


African art describes the modern and historical paintings, sculptures, installations, and other visual culture from native or indigenous Africans and the African continent. The definition may also include the art of the African Diasporas, such as African AmericanCaribbean or art in South American societies inspired by African traditions. Despite this diversity, there are unifying artistic themes present, when considering the totality of the visual culture from the continent of Africa.

Art from Tanzania is known for modern Tinga Tinga paintings and Makonde sculptures, Peace for conservation create a program of ARTS4wildlife to offer foreigner a placement for artists seeking inspiration from Tanzania culture, these include volunteering interested with Tanzania arts painting, carving and art sculptures.

Before the class of art painting start, there is a fantastic 5-day tour of the following; Serengeti National Park, Ngorongoro Conservation Area, Lake Manyara National Park, and Saa Nane Island National park. This is a must for wildlife enthusiasts, here you will have the opportunity to learn about animal behavior and ecology, and watch wildlife in natural habitat. This interaction with wildlife will build inspiration for your paintings.

After this tour, you spend another 5 Days learning arts painting via the “PAINTING FOR REASONS” course. Throughout this unique course, you will learn TINGA TINGA artists painting, using photos taken from your 5-day tours, Painting or Sculpture. These programs offer a more nuanced perspective and comprehensive content, connecting a wide variety of contemporary art practices with Tanzania wildlife, Tanzania culture, human-elephant conflict, the voice of women in conservation.


As our work supports local livelihoods, we organize arts exhibition, where we invite you to donate some of your paintings to sell and where the profits go directly into human-elephant conflict in which we are currently supporting livelihood to ex-poachers by donating beehives so they can to start beekeeping business .we also provide “Beehives fence” which act as a deterrent to elephants and hence protects farmers from crop raids. Donate bags of cement to be used for constructing toilets in schools, purchase water tank and donate in school, and purchase desk chairs and donate in schools.

Each program is offered for 3 weeks and includes a 3-hour instruction per day course.


US$ 1,500 per three weeks: The cost applies to volunteers having a passion for Arts painting



Technique Instruction:

21 hours of master instruction (21 hours per week)

Five-day safari tour at Serengeti National park, Kijereshi game reserve

Staff Support:

Volunteers will get support from our staff to improve arts painting

Local materials ( You advise to come with your own painting materials and also think to donate materials to be used to teach children artwork in order to be self-employment through selling artwork to tourist and reduce the temptation of youth to involve on wildlife poaching as a source of income)

Accommodation, Meals, and Airport Transportation:

Furnished, private bedroom

Meals and 24-hour access to a stocked kitchen and dining room

Wireless Internet

Shared bathrooms with modern fixtures and showers


Pickup and drop-off provided at Mwanza airport


24-hour access to the shared art studio with natural light

Personal workspace with large table and wall space

Some tools provided

Materials and supplies for the instructional course provided

Materials and supplies for additional project production are not included but are available for purchase locally

Access to space for an art exhibition, you will be allowed to sell your arts for agreement with the management,( Agree to donate the profit to charity work, or purchase yourself and donate at school such as bags of cement to be used to construct toilet, purchase and Donate desk chair to primary school. Purchase and donate water tanks at primary schools)

INTERNATIONAL ARTS EXHIBITION –the western corridor of Serengeti national park

Arts4Wildlife will host international arts around the world for Exhibition space for two weeks during a high peak of tourist in Serengeti national park-Western corridor. Arts from around the world sharing part of their lives. Our exhibition space located at the entrance gate of Serengeti National park whereby a tourist will stop and attend Arts4wildlife exhibition, they might be interested to purchase your artwork. Safari tour at protected Areas will be arranged to suit your interest. There will be fees to hire space for exhibition


Email for further information david@peaceforconservation

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