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Our Current Projects

We currently have three annual projects that we are focusing on.  These projects need your help.  We are in need of donations and sponsorship for these projects.  We also would love to have volunteers, both local and international for these projects to ensure their success.  Please assist us if you can!!

Project 1: Art 4 Wildlife

Art 4 Wildlife is an innovative program that teaches participants the local Tinga Tinga artforms.  Participants will be trained by instructors on proper techniques and form.  This program encourages the participation of the local artists and includes a trip to the National Parks surrounding the area.  The classes are held in conjunction with local artist Meja.  An art exhibition will be held with proceeds going to local conservation efforts for the preservation of elephants and rhinos.  


Project 2. Dance for Conservation

Dance for elephant and rhino lives is a traditional Sukuma group dance united to raise awareness and demonstrate advocacy on wildlife conservation through traditional dance. The dance groups perform for the communities bordering the Serengeti National park. We sing a song with the message to discourage communities who collude with poachers to destroy wildlife, especially

elephant and rhino. Volunteers from abroad learn how to dance and fight together for conservation.  It also includes a visit at National park and performs to tourist in the camp and tourist lodge. 

Project 3. Soccer for Conservation

The Peace for conservation developed a program for conservation education using soccer to spread the anti-poaching message in the communities bordering the Serengeti National Park. The program will run for five years from 2016 -2020. It will be implemented in summer from July to September each year as a tournament competition which involves teams from villages bordering

the Serengeti National Park.

Project 4. Bike Tour for Conservation

This program is organized annually from April to June each year for the purpose of raising conservation knowledge in the community to protect wildlife.  There is an opportunity to visit the National parks in Tanzania and to explore amazing wildlife found in Tanzania either at Serengeti National park or Ngorongoro Conservation Area.

Project 5. Youth Conservation Initiative

This is a program designed to involve children in Wildlife Conservation, using video production as a tool to transfer knowledge of Wildlife Conservation to fellow children and to adults. Establishment of a Debate Club will encourage children to begin discussing subjects related to Wildlife Conservation, through Peace for Conservation Media Project.

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