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A New Adventure

Hakuna Matata, in Tanzania everything takes time ;)) We both spent 1 week with David and we can say: „You never get bored!“ David is keeping you busy all the time and that’s the positive thing, because you can experience so so many things. Either cooking local food, visiting the Nursery School nearby, carrying buckets with water on your head, colouring a tricycle, etc. or to get an insight in his work “. He has very good ideas to protect the wildlife of Tanzania’s National

parks and how to give the message to the people. If you are there for a longer period, you can take part in his activities and we are sure it is fun and adventure! Unfortunately our time was very short- too short. Usually you live with David in the office , you have a clean and Western standard room with your own bathroom. But if you want you can also pitch up your tent outside. :) The food was delicious, it is also no problem if you are a vegetarian. David, ASANTE SANA for all what you have done for us and the time we spent together. It was very nice and we will always keep some memories in our minds, hopefully we can come back one time! Deborah From Germany

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