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Pathway Africa 2018 is the seventh international conference held Windhoek Namibia involve conservationist and scientific researcher of wildlife to explore human-wildlife conflict and coexistence, wildlife governance, One Health and many other timely human dimensions of fisheries and wildlife management topic.

The conference provided a forum where scientists and practitioners can address a wide variety of topic that is critical to understanding the state of human dimensions science and application in wildlife conservation.

Our Mr. David Leonard Kabambo, participate in training and conference, the conference build capacity for on the ground wildlife conservation in Africa and share lesson learned from around the continent and beyond. This is a way for the conference to give back, facilities the transfer of knowledge and takes our applied focus a step further, About 175 participate from 28 countries participating for the conference, the conference followed by presentation paper from academic, professor and conservationist.

Mr. David Kabambo, explain to participate the use of Traditional dance for conservation program” Dance for conservation “and Football for conservation to gather youth for ant- poaching campaign in community living close to Serengeti National park.

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