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Youth Conservation Initiative


This is a program designed to involve children in Wildlife Conservation, using video production

as a tool to transfer knowledge of Wildlife Conservation to fellow children and to adults.

Establishment of a Debate Club will encourage children to begin discussing subjects related to

Wildlife Conservation, through Peace for Conservation Media Project. The program’s design is

very attractive and strives to give children a voice to speak about Wildlife Conservation. A voice

that will raise their self-esteem, bring self-awareness of their own capacity and enhance self-


Tanzania wildlife policy doesn’t say anything about involving children in Wildlife

Conservation issues. There are no curricula developed to teach children about Wildlife Conservation issues either direct or indirect.

Today’s children are our future leaders, and may be the last generation that will have the

opportunity to save the many species of exotic animals that we all know and love. Time is

running out to save the wildlife on which we all depend. Children, can effect change in our

community by raising their voices against wildlife poaching. Today's children will become

tomorrow's conservationists or poachers.  When their education includes the ideals of Wildlife Conservation they are more likely to become good conservationists within their community.



Volunteers interested this program you will teach children about conservation and teach English. You will be with a children to all process of creating document either in National park or in community.

For more information, and to volunteer, please contact:

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