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Help fight poaching and spread local culture by combining volunteering and tourism for Peace for Conservation


Peace for Conservation is a NGO based out of Mwanza, Tanzania. We work to spread the message of conservation through innovative methods.  Learn More about us here.  Become an adventure volunteer today!


Our Projects are sustained through donations of time and funds.  We are currently seeking partnerships/ sponsorships from groups interested in funding conservation education through alternative methods.

Peace for Conservation is currently working on four main projects

-Art 4 Wildlife

-Dance for Conservation

-Soccer for Conservation

-Youth for Conservation

-Bike Tours for Conservation


Get Involved

Volunteers are the lifeblood of our organization.  It is through those willing to donate their time and efforts, that we are able to provide our education to local groups.  Please join us in our efforts and volunteer now

Please check out our newest program, Art 4 Wildlife

We are in need of a combined total of $2,500 USD to fund our Soccer for Conservation program this year

We are in need of a combined total of $2,200 to fund our Bike Tour for Conservation program this year

Latest Project

We are currently seeking sponsors and donations for our Soccer for Conservation program.  Last year we had a great turn out of local tribes and were able to educate them on the importance of animal conservation at a local and national level

Peace for Conservation's Adventure Volunteers: Mwanza Tanzania, Email

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