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Our Coordinators

David Leonard Kabambo.

David believes that we are all one human family with two parents

(Father and mother) in the earth and its creatures. We express and see

this relationship once we travel and get to know each other within culture, beliefs and ways of life.

"Make your holiday count by volunteering with us to gain

conservation experience in remote and beautiful places in Tanzania. Go places where others don't go and learn new skills and experience hands-on conservation in action with local community. you will participate either dance for elephant lives or soccer for conservation, and enjoying the beautiful scenery of sun set and sunrise wildlife.

This is the most amazing volunteer program which combine culture, tourism, safari at Serengeti National Park, you will have memories and life experience when you return home. Our passion belief of love of nature, care of the land, care of the wildlife, love for the people and community."

If you have question please contact using email

Africa Coordinator

US Coordinator

Chris Koslin is an environmental consultant who specializes in creating one of a kind Eco-Tours as well as education camps.  He has a Master's in Sustainable Tourism from the University of South Florida. Chris is currently pursuing his PhD in Sustainable Community Development. He is the Founder/ CEO of Koslin Sustainability Consulting LLC  He is an avid supporter of the fight to end poaching and poverty through education and self-empowerment.  He is currently working remotely with Peace for Conservation on the development of a larger eco-tourism program. The program partners with the University of South Florida and peace for conservation to bring student from USA to Tanzania for internship in order to create a net-zero village structure in Tanzania.

He can be reached at

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