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COFFEE FOR CONSERVATION “Let’s talk conservation

COFFEE FOR CONSERVATION “Let’s talk conservation it’s a program of dialogues and discussion with conservationists through videos. The dialogues involves sitting in coffee shop and discussing conservation challenges in Tanzania. It will spark a way to bring up new and important issues in conservation to be identified and discussed; for example, the current conservation hot challenge in Tanzania is grazing in the game reserve. The program will host different people, rangers, conservationist, diplomates, politicians to talk about conservation, talk with children about conservation, talk with a lecture of colleagues of wildlife about conservation, and poaching, talk with a students of colleges of wildlife about conservation and poaching, talk with musician whose have a passion of conservation and lobby theme to create a song which discourage poaching in Tanzania. We will also talk with volunteers who have a passion for conservation, talk with environmental journalist, etc. The tittle of program will be COFFEE FOR CONSERVATION “ Let’s talk conservation

David and Brooke discussing about conservation challenge in Tanzania

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